Instantly grow back a thinning Hairline with Makeup.

Korea is well-known for their innovative beauty trends. From cushion makeup technology to Jamsu makeup techniques, Korea is always on the move when it comes to beauty and cosmetics. So what is the trend this time?

Drawn-on Hairlines.

Sounds absurd? Don’t be so quick to write it off!

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 3.59.42 PM.png

Think of it like this: a drawn-on hairline is just another step to face contouring. By contouring your hairline, it helps to frame your features and gives the illusion of a smaller, slimmer face, while ensuring that your hairline appears more full. This is especially useful for people self-conscious of their widow’s peak or with sparse baby hairs in sight. Drawn-on hairlines is not just for women. It’s for anyone who is searching for an easy solution to wear their hair in whatever fashion they like!

Making it look natural does take a bit of practice, but a general rule of thumb is to remember to stay within the frame of your hairline, avoiding sections where you have absolutely no hair to blend into. Remember— a little goes a long way. To achieve a flawlessly natural look, dispense a little bit of product each time and use a light hand to blend as you go.

With all these tricks up your sleeve, it is important to remember that the most essential step for making your hairline not only look natural but also last the day, would be to get yourself a good hair liner. Whether you’re new to the trend, or have been doing it for years, here are 4 products that promise to give you a fuller and more youthful look:


  1. Etude House Hot Style Liner ($14.00AUD)
    The Hot Style Liner comes in two shades: Dark Brown and Light Brown in order to perfectly match your hair colour. Subtle enough to be used on a daily basis, this fuss-free cosmetic only requires you to apply the makeup using the pencil tip before blending it out with the felt tip.
BW Tip: This product dries extremely quickly so ensure to be quick to blend in order to avoid any unnatural and harsh lines.


2.Nature Republic Secret Hair Liner ($10.50AUD)

This easy-to-use hair liner twists open to reveal a sponge applicator. Simply dab this into desired areas and blend to create a fuller hairline. This product, infused with black beans, argan oil and rosehip oil, actively provides the hairline with the necessary nutrients to keep hair healthy.

Directions: As the final step of your makeup routine, apply the product using the sponge tip to the thinning spots of the hairline and blend quickly.


3. A’PIEU Oily Hair Product ($14.00AUD)
Your answer to oily or greasy hair is here!
A’PIEU Oily Hair Product contains cacao seed powder, black bean extract and corn powder to help absorb excess sebum, while providing your hair with the necessary nutrition needed to stay healthy. This product is more suitable for users with darker hair colours because of the cacao present in the product.


MAMONDE pang pang hair shadow 4g_item.jpg

4. Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow #6Natural Brown (AUD$24.00)

The Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow aids to even out sparse hairlines and easily camouflages widow’s peaks, allowing you to easily achieve a slimmer face.
This product comes in a compact with a built-in puff and a mirror attached, making it the ideal product to carry around for fuss-free touch-ups throughout the day.

BW Tip: This product can be layered when needed to achieve a darker, more opaque finish.


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