Blender Agenda: Our Top 5 Beauty Sponges

The Beautyblender took the world by storm in 2010. In a world where makeup brushes ruled, the Beautyblender drastically changed the game and quickly became a household name. Gone were the days of associating makeup sponge applicators to the traditional, tacky, rectangle sponges that made it impossible to blend out products without getting a streaky and blotchy finish.

Instead, makeup sponges are now thought to be the cornerstones of getting that perfect airbrushed look. They are versatile enough to achieve your ideal finish— for a fuller coverage, sponges can be used dry. However, if you prefer a more dewy glow, simply spray mist on the sponge or soak it in water before application! Also, for a tool so small, it sure packs a punch. Makeup sponges are incredibly versatile— don’t limit its use to just foundation. To reach its full potential, play around with it and you’d be surprised at how well it applies blush, contours, SPF lotion and even powders for a uniform coverage!

This phenomenon of the Beautyblender, hence, helped paved the way for new innovative sponges, each created with a purpose to help effortlessly navigate the unique shape of your face. After scoping the market, I’ve come up with a list of 5 sponges that work just as well (maybe even better) than the Beautyblender without leaving a hole in your wallet!


Innisfree Cover Stamping Puff ($10.00AUD)
If you ladies are anything like me, snoozing your alarm one too many times in the morning, resulting in you having to hurriedly rush out your makeup, then consider this Stamping Puff a god-sent! Due to the wide base of this applicator, foundation or BB cream can be efficiently stamped across your whole face before being blended out. Perfect for people who are looking to get a decent, streak-free coverage in the shortest amount of time!
Although I do wish that this puff had a tapered tip to allow me to really get into the smaller crevices around my nose and eye area, I thought the sponge allowed for product to be built without the end result looking cakey.

*This product contains Jeju volcanic clusters to help product adhere better to your skin. Hence, slight bleeding may occur during the initial wash.

Etude House My Beauty tool Soft Cream Puff ($13.000 AUD)
This curvy beauty sponge comes in an adorable shade of pastel pink, with ridges along its side to aid with application of the product. Simply put, holding the rounded bottom will result in a softer application while gripping the ridges will allow for product to be buffed into your skin more intensely. Whichever way you prefer, this sponge will result in a smooth and flawless finish.
However, despite its name, I found the Soft Cream Puff to be a little bit harder and more rubbery compared to other beauty sponges. Thus, when using this applicator, I found it useful to make extra effort to dab product softly onto my skin so as to not irritate it.

Etude House Double Lasting Foundation Blender ($14.00 AUD)
Pointed at the tip with an angled, flat bottom, this blender comes thoughtfully designed to ensure that it would be able to reach every nook and cranny effortlessly. Additionally, it comes in the perfect size to fit comfortably in your hand whilst applying your products.
Although the sponge can be used dry, I found the end result to look quite thick and cakey. Personally, I much preferred how my foundation looked when I misted it beforehand.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
This 3-in1 multifunctional makeup applicator has been raved about again and again by multiple makeup gurus and it’s easy to see why! The applicator comes egg-shaped at the top, and flattened out at the bottom, making it ideal to not only blend large areas of your make up really efficiently, but also provides you with the precision needed to cover up any blemishes. Furthermore, I found that the flat bottom of the sponge was great for blending in my cream contour products and gave fabulous strobing results!

Etude House My Beauty Tool Skin Finger Puff ($12.25AUD)
Unlike the rest of the beauty blenders that should be stamped onto your face, this applicator simulates the good ol’ fashion way of putting foundation on with your fingers. Because of this, ensure that you only use this product as a dry applicator to avoid having a streaky finish.

I loved the novelty of this puff and it was really refreshing to see Etude House come up with a new and innovative way to elevate applying foundation. I thought that the curved structure of the puff is definitely a plus, as it made applying product to my jawline and forehead much easier.

Now, because your sponge will almost definitely become a necessity in your everyday makeup routine, it is ESSENTIAL to replace them more frequently than your other makeup tools. A good rule of thumb is to treat yourself to a new sponge once a month, but hey, I’m not complaining! That only means that you can experiment with more exciting sponges and find one that truly works well for you.