Fifty Shades Darker, that’ll last all V-Day.

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
Your lipstick is pink, But is it kiss proof?


Picture this: You finally played your cards right and got that cute boy at your gym to ask you out on a date. So here you are, together, in a little bar that’s playing old school love songs over its speakers. A funny mix of a sense of excitement and bliss washes over you as you gaze across the table, into his dreamy eyes. Drinks are flowing and spirits are high. Conversations great but you both know that you’re done with talking. Sloppy excuses are made as you find a reason to slip away from the madness of the crowd together.

You leave the bar with your fingers intertwined around each others. He pulls you in for a kiss. And then another. “He’s a great kisser,” you think to yourself.
But as you open your eyes, you notice something’s not right. His lips look twice their normal size. Your mind races: Why are his lips red, is he bleeding? We kissed a little but surely not enough for them to swell up!
Your eyes dart from the crime scene that seems to have played out on his lips to the gobsmacked expression that hung on his face. It is at this point that you realise the fire engine red lipstick that you so confidently wore to bring out that sparkle in your eyes was the cause of this mess. Your face turns as red as your lipstick stains, knowing that you probably look like as much of a deranged clown as he does.

Needless to say, the mood is killed and what was meant to be a romantic end to the night fizzled out to nothing more than an awkward shuffle to the nearest restroom.

Sounds like a cliché scene from a chick flick? Wrong. That was a page out of my diary. Valentines Day 2015. Now, we aren’t in 6th grade anymore; the image of your lipstick smeared all over your date’s face is no longer a trophy or a sign of victory… it’s just downright embarrassing. So ladies, please— prepare yourselves for the cosy end of the night this Valentines Day! Instead of using traditional lipsticks, lip stains are a kiss-proof alternative when it comes to being your weapon of choice for a good ole’ make out sesh. Furthermore, these handy little products can also double up as a blush to give you that “glow from within” look!


Here are three lip stains that I’ve personally tried and tested:

CLIO Peripera’s INK Velvet ($15.75AUD)
Peripera’s INK Velvet is perfect if you’re looking for creamy, matte lips to complement your look. Often, the biggest issue I have with lip tints is how chapped my lips become after a couple of hours. However, the moraine collagen present in this product works wonderfully as a moisturising agent in the INK Velvet formula, ensuring that your lips are well hydrated throughout the day. Furthermore, I found this lip tint to be heavily pigmented without requiring too many layers to achieve my desired look.

Available in 10 vibrant colours ranging from the brightest red to the sweetest coral, you’re sure to find a colour that fits your skin tone.

Beauty People Pure Vitamin Capsule Lip Tattoo ($10.00AUD)
Don’t let its unassuming packaging fool you— this highly raved about product didn’t get its cult status for nothing. Besides being long lasting and transfer-free, this lip product is known for being vitamin-rich and packed with fruit-based ingredients to keep your lips soft and taken care of 24/7!

Interestingly enough, it is recommended to apply this lip tattoo at night before going to bed in order to achieve a flirty, flushed look the next morning. However, if you want a more vivid coloration, apply it as per normal.

TONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint ($14.00AUD)
The Get It Lip Tint comes in a Pantone-inspired packaging that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Enclosed with a double cap, the packaging ensures that the lip tint will not leak, making it ideal to carry around in your purse for sneaky touch-ups during your date!

Thanks to the new ‘Water Fit’ texture of the product, the Get It Tint is perfect for achieving the gradient lip without any hassle. Simply apply the tint on the inner side of your bottom lip and pucker up to stain the upper lip as well.

If I had to pick just one of the six colours in this range to recommend, it would definitely be Dark Night. It’s unique, wine colour is an uncommon lip tint shade that would surely up the wow factor this Valentines Day.

Last but not least, whether you’ve got a date with that someone special, plan on hanging out with some close girlfriends or simply having a night-in curled up on your couch with a glass of wine, have a smashing Valentines day my lovelies!
Till next time x