Better Sun Safe Than Sorry! – Our Top 4 Sunscreen


As someone who grew up in the tropics, Sydney’s weather has never fazed me. So imagine my surprise when I woke up drenched in sweat, only to realise that Sydney was sizzling at a good 45 degrees! However, instead of complaining about the ridiculous heatwave, many Australians have chosen to seize the moment as a golden opportunity to hit the beach.

Whilst it’s all good fun and games, baking in the sun and having a dip in the water, it is vital to remember the importance of religiously slathering on sunscreen every two hours while you’re out. Besides helping to prevent nasty sunburns, it also effectively slows down the development of premature wrinkles and skin discoloration. Using a sunscreen of at least SPF50 will also help to block out 98% both UVA and UVB rays— the root cause of skin cancer.

Choosing what sunscreen works best for you can be a headache, so I’ve come up with a list of options that would best keep your skin protected and nourished all summer long:

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CNP Laboratory Omega Perfection Sunblock (SPF50) ($49.00AUD)
Many of my girlfriends have told me that they forgo applying sunblock during their makeup routine in order to avoid having the infamous white cast on their faces. Thankfully, the Omega Perfection Sunblock ensures a silk-like application that is easily absorbed, leaving absolutely no residue behind.

Furthermore, this ingenious sunblock also doubles up as skincare. Thanks to the green tea, portulaca extract and panthenol infused into the product, my skin never fails to feel nourished and moisturised after a full day of wearing this product!drs0004_1024x1024Dr. Eslee Physical Sunscreen UV-Ban (SPF 50) ($52.50)

Due to my sensitive skin, I try to ensure that my cosmetic products are void of any additives or artificial colouring and fragrance. Hence, this dermatological sunscreen’s gentle formula works perfectly for me! Plus, the sunscreen is loaded with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to ensure that your skin is fully protected from all the harmful UV rays.

Personally, I found this product to be extremely effective at being water resistant, making it the ideal sunblock for any beach bum looking to catch some waves.

Innisfree Perfect UV Protection For Oily Skin (SPF 50) ($25.00)
I’m a huge fan of Innisfree sunscreens and have loyally repurchased them over and over ever since I was introduced to the brand in my teenage years. With that said, I have stuck through Innisfree’s revamping of their widely used Eco Safety line, and it’s safe to say that the Perfect UV Protection for Oily Skin has well lived up to its predecessor that we all know and love.

The Innisfree Perfect UV Protection for Oily Skin does an impressive job at preventing your skin from getting greasy from sweat and sebum throughout the day. Although the product’s texture is a little bit thicker than the aforementioned sunscreens, it spreads out well and is quickly absorbed into your skin.

Nature Republic Provence Calendula Aqua Cooling Spray (SPF 50) ($15.50AUD)
The ultimate companion for a day out this handy sun spray comes in a 150ml bottle, offering you the convenience to use it for both your face and body. This product is also water-based and will not leave your skin feeling sticky or oily upon application. In addition to delivering lots of moisture, the spray consists of calendula and chamomile extract, which are herbs traditionally used for treating acne and soothing the skin.