REVIEW: CNP Hydrogel Lifting Eye Patch

As someone who is always on the go, getting a full 8 hours of sleep is well considered a privilege; and with the lack of sleep, of course, comes dark under eye circles. I’m used to covering them up daily with a whole lot of concealer, but I finally decided that enough was enough— time to actually address the root cause of the problem instead of merely hiding it.


The CNP Hydrogel Lifting Eye Patch was hence, the answer to my prayers. Infused with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamin E, the eye patch promises to penetrate your skin and replenish its moisture. With that said, I was more interested in the whitening effects that the Vitamin C would have on my dark eye circles, and to see whether or not the product would brighten my skin.

A little trick I do prior to using masks, regardless of whatever type it is, is to store them in the fridge as it helps to add a little ‘oomph’ when you apply them! This is especially so for masks such as the CNP Eye Patches, as this extra step intensifies the already cooling effect of the product, which effectively aids to relieve puffy eyes by improving circulation.

In terms of the adhesiveness of the product, it completely exceeded my expectations. The Hydrogel Eye Lifting Patches are meant to be placed following the contours of your eyes, ensuring that the narrower ends of the product finish at the outer corners of your eyes. At this point, I got a little OCD and readjusted the patches multiple times. Despite this, the stickiness of the gel pads remained unaffected and they did not budge a centimetre throughout the entire night that I had them on.

The next morning when I finally removed the gel pads, I was pleasantly surprised by how little discolouration I had on my eye bags. They looked revitalised to the point that I had no qualms leaving my house without any concealer on that day! However, in terms of relieving the puffiness, I did not see much of a difference although my skin did feel slightly firmer.

Besides the effectiveness of the product, the other attribute that CNP managed to nail square on the head with this product was the convenience of it. Thoughtfully designed to be fuss-free, the Hydrogel Eye Lifting Patch comes neatly packaged in individual sachets, each with 2 patches enclosed within them. The patches themselves are easy to use. Unlike other eye masks that drip with liquid and are generally quite a mess to apply, these patches have a gel-like consistency on one side, and a dry, felt layer on the other. Although this is a small detail, I really appreciated how this made it more convenient to wear my glasses over the eye patches without fear of my lenses constantly fogging up or getting sticky from the serum. Furthermore, because of the ease of the packaging, the CNP eye patch is undoubtedly the ideal travel companion. I can only imagine what a lifesaver this product would be during overnight long-haul flights!

In short, the CNP Hydrogel Eye Lifting Patch is perfect for people looking for a quick solution to get rid of their panda eyes. Priced at $13 for a pack of 4 pairs of eye masks, I would consider this product a steal that is definitely going to be a constant in my skincare routine.